Shinjo Image Trainnig: The Vision Of A Rematch.

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Shinjo Image Trainnig: The Vision Of A Rematch.  Empty Shinjo Image Trainnig: The Vision Of A Rematch.

Post by Anim8or55 on Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:37 pm

Long after his defeat the unnamed warrior awoke dazed in a cell, his wounds having been healed by some unknown means. He was alone in the cell, nothing but a camera pointed at him from the outside and a plate of food on the floor in front of him. Both were ignored for now, his attention instead pointed towards his current situation. Imprisoned in a location unknown, he didn't know what could be waiting for him through those bars. And after the defeat he had suffered, he was sure that he wouldn't be able to make it out in one piece. He would need to be stronger in order to manage that, but with the space around him he wouldn't be capable of training through traditional means efficiently nor without rising attention. 

Which left one other option. 

Sat atop the bench of the cell he crossed his legs, a hand rested on each knee as he went into a deep meditation. Took deep breaths and calmed his mind, the world around him fading away with every passing second. Within a few minutes the world seemed to be rebuilt, the scenery changing to an outside setting, an exact match to the base where he had encountered resistance. He stood alone at first, but soon a figure started to appear before him, he'd need someone to challenge, a being who would help match him and overcome any previous shortcomings. And of the one's he'd battled with there was only one who he'd managed to cross fists with. 

And soon he materialized, Arashi, the saiyan who delivered the final blow in their last encounter. The now formed saiyan smirked, getting into the same fighting stance the soldier remembered from their battle. He then went into one as well, the two standing in total silence for a few moments before both kicked off the ground charging towards one another. Both threw a punch which collided in the center, some dusts kicking up from the impact. This was followed up by a strong knee from both fighters which also collided. Arashi then jumped over the soldier and brought his heel down over him. 

The soldier however brought up both arms and blocked it, the ground cracking only slightly from the impact. He then grabbed hold of Arashi's leg and gave him a great toss towards the base. Though he was off guard at first he did however manage to back flip into a recovery and land safely on the wall before jumping off it and out of the soldiers follow up attack. His first being burred partly into the wall from the punch, the soldier looked over to Arashi and pull himself free to continue his pursuit. 

The soldier closed in the gap quickly, throwing a flurry of punches as soon as he was capable. But Arashi was ready and began parrying the attacks as they came. But still the soldier pushed and Arashi found himself backing up as time passed on. Eventually he missed a punch and was unable to prevent it from landing dead center to his abdomen. Arashi lurched from the hit which gave the soldier an opening to follow up, which he did with a knee to the saiyans chin. He flipped back from the impact and landed on the ground a moment later. But he didn't stay down, instead he pushed himself off the floor the moment he'd made impact and regained his footing. 

The soldier was on him again, Arashi blocking his attack and pushing back onto him. He forced the soldiers arm out of the way and delivered a hard elbow to his face knocking him back this time. Arashi then throw an arm back, an orb of energy forming in his palm before he tossed it toward the soldier. Having recovered by this time the soldier saw it coming, and after bringing his arm up he managed to slam down on the Ki ball and knock it into the ground. The impact caused an explosion which knocked up dirt, blinding the solider for a moment. And from that dust Arashi charged out, slamming his knee into the solider, his feet being lifted from the ground by the force. But he wasn't going down yet, he managed to get his feet back down and grabbed hold of Arashi once more. 

The solider twisted his body and brought Arashi down as hard as he could, slamming him on to the ground before jumping away. Arashi rose from the ground and turned to face the soldier, wiping some blood from the side of his mouth. The two stood staring again, something in Arashi beginning to change as a familiar charge of Ki began to swirl around him. The soldier smirked, the same energy forming over his body like Arashi. Both took up the same pose as the energy began to build up around their fist, and when the charge reached its peak, both fighters dashed forward with great speed. 

Both collided in the center, the impact from their attack causing the ground to shake and a bright light to shine around them. It grew brighter until everything was coated in a blinding white light. First everything went silent, and soon the light faded to reveal someone, the soldier, still standing on the battle ground. Arashi, however, was on the ground, incapacitated while the soldier held firm on his tail. He looked down on Arashi, an almost displeased look on his face "It wouldn't be this easy, would it..." the soldier released Arashi's tail and began walking away. 

Arashi then stood up, as though he'd taken no injury from the battle. The soldier stopped walking and turned back towards the awaiting Saiyan, and then, both went into a fighting stance.

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Shinjo Image Trainnig: The Vision Of A Rematch.  Empty Re: Shinjo Image Trainnig: The Vision Of A Rematch.

Post by SSJRandomMaster on Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:06 am

Alright... I think that since nothing's really been fleshed out yet about how the bonuses for training work, and the post itself is pretty decent, showing "the soldier's" overall thought process behind his defeat and how hard it'd be to overcome the man he believes was responsible for his downfall. With all this considered, I'm going to give... a 3. I only give a 3, since nothing was established. I feel like there needed to be more thought, more consideration into why he's doing as he's doing. Perhaps factor in the conditions a bit more into the us how intense that training really is, maybe a minor mental break here and there before he relaxes and refocuses on his mental objectives.

Other than that, good start. Shinjo gets 7 + 3 = 10 Training Points (TP). These training points have already been deposited on to your sheet.

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