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Neo-Human Shinjo Empty Neo-Human Shinjo

Post by Anim8or55 on Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:54 pm

Name: Shinjo
Alias: Shinjo
Race: Human
Age: 14

Appearance: Shinjo is slightly above average height for his age range with a dark skin tone. His top is of a black and white Gi shirt while he wears regular loose fitted pants, but is never seen wearing footwear. He has large black hair spikes backwards with a braided portion running down to his shoulder blades. During battle he will slip on a pair of black knuckles guards, no so much for protection as a preference.

Affiliation: Good
- Find the upper limits of his bodies capabilities, then surpass them.

Bio: Shinjo is one of a long line of family members born through the process known as the Darwin Theory. This process started several generations before him in an attempt to create a stronger breed of human. Parents consisting of the current male of the generation who would pass down his genes with a female with suitable genetic advantages in hopes of passing it down to the child. Not long after his birth Shinjo showed an increased rate of development, often learning things after a short number of repetition. This eventually developed to an ability to mimic talents and skills he's seen.

Trained from the moment he could stand on his own two feet Shinjo's body proved to be highly resilient as he rarely showed any signs of discomfort or pain. Though the focus was to test his upper limits Shinjo was allowed to socialize frequently as the concept of a Neo-human seemed redundant if unable to blend with humanity. When word reached his family of the war breaking out in the north as well as the displays of strength shown, he was sent to take his own roll in the battle, allowed to chose whichever side he wished.

Note: When Shinjo was first first born it wasn't with a cry, but with a laugh.

Personality: Though trained from a foreign land Shinjo is capable of being social, but because he's not from the area pop culture and slang will go over his head. Not one to shy away from a challenge Shinjo will however take failure hard as it goes against what he was raised to be. As such should he lose to anyone he will make it a goal to overcome his flaws and re-challenge the opponent at a later date. In battle his morals will define what he does and he will not hesitate to go against orders to follow his code.

Among the many new things he's experienced since moving north, Shinjo seems to have an incredible fondness of the local music.

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