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Post by Anim8or55 on Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:53 am

He walked through the halls, a child no older than 10, his path taking him down a long hallway. His only guidance was a single light on the wall, slowly moving, guiding him towards his destination. Even for his age the young child had a stern look on his face, one that was plastered by countless hours of training, hardening him into what he would be some time into the future. As he walked down the hall he noticed the door on the far end, a double hatched door with a symbol on it, one of a Spartan's helmet. They opened soon after reaching them, closing once more after he had walked past them. 

A man stood in the room in waiting, he towered over the boy, but as he looked back he could not see him self enough, almost as though he were shrouded in a haze. All the boy could make out were the reflection of the mans glasses looking back at him. "Ah, Spartan # ------" the boy couldn't hear the number, the words becoming static yet the mans lips still moved. Despite this the boy stood in firm, looking at the man before him. He turned around, what appeared to be a chart appearing in his hand as he read them over. 

"We've a lot to cover today, stress testing, endurance, above all else you must begin developing ways to subdue your targets quickly. The faster an opponent is dispatch with the-"

"Where is &**&%*&%?" The man paused, his body slightly shifting to look back at the boy. 

"&*^*^& is currently..." 

"I heard the others speaking, sighting an....incid-" 

"Run simulation, two drones at level 2" The man cut him off and began storming away, hatches from the floor opening up, two robots rising from them. "Commence." the eyes on both robots glowed red as they'd entered their attack phase. Their hand beginning to fire bullets at he boy who quickly took into action and began running away from their line of fire. Quickly he worked around, closing in towards the robots with every step until he was finally able to dash forward. Closing the distance he grabbed on to one of them and began using it as a shield as the other continued to fire. 

But with every round that hit it there would be no damage, instead the bullets would simple bounce off its surface. "They are immune to their own ballistic fire, and are programmed to adapt." No sooner had it been said did the boy see the robots head whip around to face him, the visor of its eyes opening to reveal yet another muzzle for bullet fire. 

The boy let go just as the robot fired out its head, but ht wasn't done and continued to fire with his hands. The boy put up his guard, the bullets weren't lethal, but they definitely weren't painless. Each strike managed to chip away a small piece of his skin, causing a faint trail of blood to seep from them. The boy trying to figure out a way out took a half step back, but then. 

"Do no back down, accept the pain, overcome it." The boy scowled, but listened, planting his foot down he instead charge forward again. The closer he got the more he'd get hit, but he continued. Finally passing through the robots guns the boy slammed his shoulder into it and knocked it backwards. But it wasn't going down and remained standing, the robot retaliating by striking the boy across the head with its weapon. 

The boys head was knocked back slightly, but he didn't step back, and instead looked back at the robot.  He threw a retaliation, a punch as hard as he could, making contact with the robots body. There was a dent and a crack, but the latter did not come from the robot, the pain alone was enough to know. The robot then struck him again, harder than last time and laying the boy flat on his back. 

"Do not relent, they will not." the man said, the boy looking up to see the robot preparing to strike him again. The boy just barely dodged as the robots fist came down, the floor cracking from the strike. The boy grabbed hold of it and refused to let go, even as the robot struck away at him, he twisted the robots arm. Eventually he found a limit to its range of motion, and he was prepared to take advantage of it. 

The boy tripped the robot and caused it to fall over. He slammed his foot on to its torso and continued twist, hearing the metal bend ever so slowly until finally. 


The arm had reached well beyond it's capacity, and finally something had to give and fortunately, it wasn't the boy. The arm had popped out of its socket, giving the boy something he was lacking in this fight. Still holding his foot firmly down on the robot the boy brought the robots arm up over his head, then slammed it down over the robots as hard as he could. He did it again, and again, and again until oil started squirting from the robots shatters head.

The boy looked over, towards the far wall he could see the observation area, they were there, watching him. He turned towards it "All I wish to know is where-" The boys torso lurched forward as he was hit from behind, his body rolling along the ground from the force.

"If you have time for questions, then clearly this is too easy. Increasing remaining droid to level 3, and part with the weapon, if you cannot succeed without one, then you may as well fail this test." The robots eyes glowed brighter as its body took on a darker hue its gunlike hands taking the form of fists as a result. It was faster than the boy anticipated, landing a strike on his stomach before he could react, the boy vomiting a little as a result. He was then kicked aside where he once again began to roll over. 

Despite the pain the boy managed to push himself off the ground and brace himself, the robot ramming him full speed. Though he wasn't knocked away this time, the robot's force was enough to continue pushing the boy backwards. And it would continue to press on until the boys back was slammed against the far wall. "You're going to face opponents who are stronger than you, who will be able to overwhelm you. But you will win, that is your purpose." looking up and clearly angry the boy brought his head forward, slamming it into the robots. The robots visor cracked, and blood began seeping from the impact zone of the boys forehead. He was tossed aside by the robot, only just barely able to land on his feet. 

He was breathing heavily but he could still move "&*(&^ was supposed to..." 

"Lethal measures armed." the robot charged at him again, this time striking him dead center, the pain much worse than before. He didn't have time to try and catch his lost breath again. The robot grabbed him by the arm and flung him high into the air before jumping at him once again. Ramming him once more boy collided with the ceiling, the concrete cracking. By this point the boys mind had begun to fog, unable to think as the dizziness started to sink in. He could still see what was happening, but, he could no longer react. 

The two eventually fell free from the ceiling, but the robot still had its hold of him, holding the boys face down and in a clear impact with the ground. As they grew closer the boy started to feel the world fade away, his eyes slowly closing. 

"*(&^(*) wouldn't quit, *&%%& wouldn't give in, and that's because &^*%&&^%$^ strong. Now tell me, are you *(*&*)( or not?"  

The boys eyes opened wide, burning with a hatred he not felt before. He turned over and forced the robots grasp off of him before slamming his knee into the robots torso, cracking it. Now it was his turn to grab hold, using its arms as foot holds the boy held on to its legs and forced the robots head to be pointed straight down, straight towards the ground. 

"Falcon...Drop!" His voice echoed as the robots head made contact with the ground, both its head and the concrete shattering and and burring the top half of the robot within it. After letting go the boy staggered back, but he didn't fall, he stood tall and looked back towards the observation. 

"Good, just as we've expected." the man voice spoke, though his voice sounded unimpressed "Now after a short rest we will-" The voice was cut off again, this time by the body of the robot being tossed towards the observation and shattering the glass view mirror. 

"Where is &%*&%*!" the boy yelled in rage, slowly making his way towards it. 

"Initiate behavioral modification measures." a steel gave covered the area that had been shattered and gas began pumping into the room. The boy tried to fight it, but even his current rage wasn't enough to keep him away as the effects of the gas overcame him and finally knocked him out. As he lay on the ground, his eyes closing slowly, he could head some voices. 

"Get the lab running, we'll need to &(*(*^$$$$ to prevent another outburst" was the last thing he heard before it all went dark. 

He wasn't sure when, but at some point the soldier must have fallen asleep, awaking only to find himself still in the cell he was imprisoned in. He would often disregard dreams, many of which chalked off as a result of what he'd endured in the past. But there was something about this one, something different, and he couldn't get it out of his head no matter how hard he tried. As he tried to recall it, he continued to find one continues to elude him, a voice, its origin unknown to him. And yet somehow it felt familiar, calming, something he hadn't felt before. 

With all that in his mind, he could only really ask one question. 

"Who was that..."

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 Shinjo Image Trainnig: Shadows of Past Empty Re: Shinjo Image Trainnig: Shadows of Past

Post by SSJRandomMaster on Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:53 am

Hmm... Let's see. Backstory more clearly established, obscured only by Shinjo's failing memory and time. Although I'm sure even if he had passed that roll there may have been some information redacted anyway. The amount of thought put into this post should be considered as well. So in the end, Shinjo's memory lets him pick up something from his past he can try to carry forward, wherever that is.

It was hard to pick, especially considering your stated intent, but in the end? I'd say you'd earned four points of five. With that considered, you gain a total of 8 TP for this training session, since your actual training roll was botched as well.

Not much else to say, really.

"Find something to believe in, and find it for yourself. And when you do, pass it on to the future."

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