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Post by Gohan2535 on Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:33 am

So, we all have to keep track of our characters, obviously. So we have to create these topics. It helps, it does.

This is a template of what information to put down for your characters. What you'll want to do is copy and paste the below into a topic and fill in the information. The title of the topic should be your characters name and their race or title. For example "Goku the Saiyan." or "Vegeta the Prince of All Saiyans." Make it all nice looking. Anyway, here's the template.

Player: The Username of the controller of this character
Name: The name of your character (be it first and last, or just first)
Alias: What your character goes by within the rp
Race: This is what the character is racially.
Age: How old your character is.

Appearance: How your character looks. (Either described via text, or an image of the character in sprite form [if you do that kind of thing : D ] )

Affiliation: Who or what is your character affiliated with?
Goals: What your character wants or seeks to do within his/her life.

Personality: Who is your character as a person?
Z-Soul: A 'quote' of sorts that is based on the personality. Defines the character and is the basis for how they act overall.

Bio: This is the characters back story within the rp. What happened in their past?

Stat Sheet: Just link your characters stat sheet from docs or where ever you saved it.

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