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Character list and who controls them Empty Character list and who controls them

Post by Anim8or55 on Tue May 10, 2016 3:31 am

Main Cast:

Blossom: RPed by TK
                 -Generally overanalyzing things to a fault at times. Prefers order above all else, and probably some OCD tendencies. When in combat she tries to take charge but in the beginning when things go wrong against her planning's she'll often lose it for a whole, unable to restore order. Her social status could very, either go with the more socially repressed nerdy type or the outgoing type but given her level of intellect anyone she talks to gets overly lost.

Bubbles: RPed by Gohan
                 -Upbeat more often then not, takes a lot to anger her beyond a certain point. Makes due with just about anything (When life gives lemons and such) and often the voice of reason between the tree, sometimes breaking up fights between Blossom and Buttercup. Sidelined by choice, doesn't see a need to surpass anyone when they're a team. But hides her feeling of inadequacy seeing it as unimportant to tackle or too afraid to.

Buttercup: RPed by Dr.
                 -Not sure what to say that the show hasn't covered already. Impulsive, easier irritated and goes rouge more often then not. Wouldn't really place her as the 'cool' one but just does her own thing apart from the others at times. Isn't afraid to prove herself and taking a blow to her pride effects her more than anyone. Of course her violent outbursts could be a thing in the beginning, probably resolved after going overboard in one of her blackouts which results in a very serious injury on someone.

(Samurai) Jack: RPed by Gohan
                -With a mysterious past on his back, Jack is a teacher at the high school. Seeing he changing times he takes on an apprentice at their request, as things start heating up in Townsville. One of the Vets from the School Wars. His strength far outstrips any of the other “trainee” characters at this point.

Monkey: RPed by Anim8or55
                -As the PPGs are upstart superheroes, Monkey is one of the already well renowned heroes of the world. Being everyday pet monkey to a young genius, famous hero, and high tier fighter, Monkey is the full bundle of bananas, aswell as being the original Chemical X hero attempt of the School Wars (the “Super Soldier” of the time). Another of the Vets.

Johnny: RPed by Dr.
                -The man himself finds himself in the disaster inclined Townsville to start his life, soon falling into place with a new master.

Dexter: Rped by Gohan
                -The genius boy still stuck in high school, upon meeting the PPGs and other circumstances, he starts developing technology focus’d on becoming an action hero himself. His Laboratory is unseen for awhile, and even then is probably a great secret. Most likely becomes the apprentice of Utonium as Johnny is to Jack.

Hoss: Rped by Dude
               -Having grown tired of losing to Kyle the traffic cone for his entire life, Hoss abandoned his old nerdy self and joined the Air Force Combat Controllers. Having served with the country's most elite warriors, Hoss is an expert in hand to hand combat, demolitions, firearms, explosives, and HALO jumping and Scuba diving. He's fluent in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic. He left the military with the rank of Technical Sergeant as well as a few bionic enhancements to his physiology that effectively made him the first super soldier.

Villain Cast:

King Morbucks: Main Antagonist of the first arc. A rich business man boasting anime esq exaggerated physical strength through no enhanced means (naturally strong enough to take on casual Jack for a limited time). He seeks Utonium’s mind for as of yet unknown means. In a future reappearance, he becomes an iteration of Father from Codename Kids Next Door.

Princess Morbucks: The spoiled brat daughter of King Morbucks, who wields a battle suit bought with his money. After her defeat in the first arc, she returns in the future to demand joining the PPGs, though later does partner with them to some degree in her wish to cure her father.

Katz: Antagonist of the second arc, is similar to his cartoon counterpart on top of being a crime boss within Townsville. Similar to King, he is not completely dealt with on his first appearance.

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