Xalia's Training: Survival in the Nude!

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Xalia's Training: Survival in the Nude!

Post by Gohan2535 on Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:18 am

Note #1: This is Xalia's first training session at Level 3.

Fresh from the mission, the nude ninja zoomed forward. She had been flown to Hazard via helicopter, but decided to make her way back to base on foot. Traveling this way wasn't new to her, she had done it before many times and was happy to do so, in fact. She had spent a lot of her time in that room of hers lazing around, so this was a nice change.

The main reason she had taken the mission in the first place was to get out for a bit, on top of relieving some of her pent up anger and stress from seeing him. And no one knew why she had acted the way she did except for her... Memories she didn't want to remember, ones she had left behind brought to the surface. How childish of her to lose her composure.

The sun was setting and there was nothing but a forest ahead. She knew of it, having seen it during the helicopter ride.


Scaling a tree, she perched herself on a branch. Making herself comfortable, at least as comfortable as one can be on a branch completely naked, by laying along it with her bag of items hanging from a separate branch. She decided she'd save her goods for now... Now she was to use her survival skills.
The next day had started with a hunt.

Finding food was a pretty easy task. She couldn't remember everything about her game, but she recalled enough to be able to track them. Recent bowel movements, footprints, and the like. A sizable buck was within her grasp. Closer and closer. Each passing moment.

The woman was a ninja. Hiding her presence wasn't too difficult and the poor creature at least… never felt a thing. She wasn't picky about how wanted to kill it. A quick beheading, and it was done. She listened, but already knew that something like this was lesser than that of a human. Then, it was on to the next step...

Setting up a fire proved...difficult. More so than it should have been.

It started out well, though. Placing rocks in a circle to prevent fire spread, setting proper tinder, kindling, and fuel. But, it had been a while since the last time she had done something like this. Multiple attempts all resulting in failure. Frustratingly so. She knew how to do this, or did she? Maybe she remembered a step wrong. Multiple fires, each lasting a few moments before dying out. Not to long before she had given up and blasted the pit with Ki. A waste of energy, but necessary enough to cook.

In no time the meal was fully consumed, the naked woman laying back to relax.


How long had it been? Since the last time she had experienced this. Flashes of her life before she became a mercenary popped into her head. Memories of her training during those days. Her ideals and goals. How she had gone through so much. And... Now that she thought about it. Question after question came to her mind.

What was she even doing here and why. Joining this war. She didn't have too, she didn't need the money and there were plenty of contracts to satisfy her ecstasy. Why had she never thought of these things before anyway.

Sitting up, she watched what little she could see of the sky. It was already noon, and she wanted to get back sooner rather than later; it was time to get moving. She had tried to make note of the area from the helicopter view, but her memory of it was hazy. Oh well, she'd make it eventually.

In Naruto-like fashion, the kunoichi leaped from branch to branch. Trying to cover as much distance as possible in the shortest amount of time. Overclocking herself, which might have been a bad idea. No doubt a cause for her body to growl in need of sustenance in the hours that passed. What would her next meal be?

The next hunt began...

Her memory failed her yet again… Her game wasn’t something simple like another buck. Not this time. And it was really her fault. Why couldn’t she remember the signs. She really had gotten rusty at this.

It was a battle. Not a very difficult one, but something memorable. The bear was hearty with a constitution at a similar level to Xalia’s. Compared to the creatures she had faced the day before, this one proved more respectable. Battle hardened with scars across its body, something she had not faced in a while. Nonetheless she overcame it and her next meal had been served.

The day would end with Xalia reaching the end of the forest, probably only another full day at full speed if she took no breaks.
The day was close to end. But before that, there was one more thing for Xalia to do. On this side of the forest she had found a small lake. Taking the chance to wash herself off, having been glazed with her dried blood since the battle with the plants.

Another memory from her past, the time she got her name as the, “Crimson Ninja.” The situation was almost exactly the same as now. Completely naked and caked in blood. The ninja who’s only camouflage was the blood of her enemies. Of course she didn't mean for such to happen, but it was an interesting sentiment.

She slept with the thought still in mind.
The next day she got the hang of things; nourishing herself more quickly before heading out of the forest. She would face similar trials slowly regaining her survival abilities all the while making way to the base...

Maybe she would find answers to the questions she was asking herself as she went. But nonetheless found herself wondering about some things, still. Perhaps she would have to return to the wilderness again sometime.
Note #2: Not the best training post by any means. I'm not entirely sure what to expect if anything. We shall see.

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Re: Xalia's Training: Survival in the Nude!

Post by SSJRandomMaster on Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:14 am

This is a pretty good training post. Decent length, necessary details, and some nice world building as it relates to the character (although as far as I remember her epithet 'Crimson Ninja' hasn't come up quite yet, though that might be more on me than anything else). But overall, this is the kind of thing I'm looking for. Hope I can meet my own quality standard when it's my turn... *sweatdrop*

Bonus TP: 4.

and good job on keeping it sfw despite Xalia's...circumstances.

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