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Post by TheMelon93 on Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:33 am

Name: Kigo Hu
Aliases: Mr. Hu, Striped-Knuckles
Race: Human
Age: 19

Appearance: Kigo stands at a fair 5'11", with a lean, muscular build that was forged from rigorous training. He has brown eyes, a fair complexion, short black hair, and a rounded face which all these features sit upon. He is often seen wearing a sleeveless black shirt and dark green pants, which is held up with a blue sash. His main distinction, however, would be the worn out bandages he wraps around his arms and legs.

Affiliation: Neutral Good


  • To test himself in combat and push past his limits.
  • To find his place in the world, thus achieving happiness and satisfaction.

Personality: Kigo Hu appears to passersby as calm, distant, and focused. In contrast, close friends paint a very different picture of the man. Kigo is very driven to becoming his greatest self, a goal he feels he can achieve through fighting. While this may make him seem brash and eager for a fight (Which he is never in a hurry to turn down), he has also demonstrated the capacity for patience and enjoyment in the slower, smaller things in life.

Bio: Born in 1982, Kigo began life surrounded by a loving family and community. Growing up, he learned of many things and developed in many trades, but no topic fascinated him more than martial arts. At the age of nine, he would soon come unto an opportunity to enter the world of fighting, and fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a strong fighter. Not long after, he began to understand the importance of having a sharp mind to accompany a strong body, and holding the two together with a strong moral center. In order to forge all three, he set out for the world at the age of sixteen. To the present day, he continues to pursue heightening and strengthening himself.

With the advent of the School Wars, a call-to-arms was made to those from his homeland, prompting any who could to stand and defend their country and families. Although Kigo answered, he himself did not know what he expected to find there. An opportunity to grow, or a purpose that brought meaning to his life's journey? All Kigo can do now is follow the path he has chosen for himself....

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