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Arrival of Arashi Empty Arrival of Arashi

Post by Natsu Fury on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:35 am

Player: Natsu Fury AKA Moshope
Name: Arashi Agbara
Alias: Arashi
Race: Saiyan/Earthling
Age: 14
Appearance: Short black dreads. He is 6 feet tall(still growing) and has tan skin. Also has black eyes,a long saiyan tail, and a scar on the right temple.
Affiliation: N.E.S.F and family gym
Goals(not necessarily in this order):
>Master all forms of martial arts.
>Reach the peak of Saiyan potential.
>Travel to other Planets,dimensions,Timelines,and universes like his favorite comic book >heroes.
>Hunt down then kill “The Man in White” and save his friends.
>Have a real fight with The Legendary Super Warrior Son Goku
Personality: Arashi is a friendly and very playful young boy. However due to his prosperous upbringing he has a simple minded outlook on the world. This world view has been fractured since his beating from “The Man in White”.
When fighting Arashi becomes a living natural disaster, overwhelming his opponents with his self made style “Fujinken” which encompasses the use of all the hand to hand styles he has learned over the years.
His hobbies are Martial Arts, Graphic Novels,studying(reluctantly) and Animated Entertainment.
Z-Soul: "Fists that hold no true purpose, hold no true strength"
Stat Sheet:

Arashi was born in Maryland and raised by his Ex Army Veteran father and a low class Saiyan mother. Before he was born both his parents were professional MMA Fighter. One day they both had a match scheduled in Japan, and naturally they both won. After running into each other in the Stadium hall they had a good laugh, exchanged numbers, and planned a road work session. After meeting up several times one thing lead to another and thus Arashi was born. They both retired from the Pro Circuit as a result.So with the large sum of money and many connections they stockpiled over the years they opened their own large Gym in order to give their child the “ideal” environment to mature in. Since childhood Arashi hadn’t been the most popular kid in school. He was far from a mean or hateful child but he was hyperactive, stubborn,and just plain reckless. If there was a “haunted house” down the street he just had to explore it and if there were rumors of a monster hanging out deep in the woods there was no choice but to check it out. Luckily for Arashi these rumors weren't. . . .always true. Although his parents wanted to wait till he was older they were determined to help him direct all his energy in a more constructive manner. One day they decided to finally teach him the basics of Boxing through punching drills and exhausting runs. By the end of the first few days Arashi had developed a love for the boxing and wished to know more, a lot more. Fortunately his parents helped him pursue his new found interest in the ways of martial arts! Thus his long road began at the age of 8. Whenever he wasn't at school or enjoying a Comic Book or Cartoon Arashi was training vigorously. Be it formulating the most effective diet,watching fights on You tube,training tirelessly at the gym with the other adults, or receiving special lessons from the many foreigners his parents had befriended, the boy was ever so determined to build the ideal “ultra body”. By the time he reached the age of 13 he had mastered all aspects and variations of Boxing,Wrestling,Muay Thai,Judo,Taekwondo, and Karate.Not to mention improving as a person while learning more behavioral restraint and respect for others from the many philosophies that come from martial arts. However he did develop a more comical nature from the adults he trained with and although it made him more approachable he had a tendency to drift into “R rated” territory.
Thanks to his years of hard work he was allowed to enter Will Power Academy for his 4 years of high school. During the first year he made more friends than ever before, even forming a study group to help with his grades. His life seemed to be going in a truly bright direction

One day while researching more matches Arashi had stumbled upon one of the greatest tournaments in the history of Earth. It was known as the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Arashi was mesmerized by the ludicrous fights that took place in this circus of a competition. There was a man creating clones of himself, a fighter with no nose levitating in the air,a green guy who could stretch his arms like some sort of rubber man,but most impressive of all was the man who stood in the finals against the green titan. As the final match began it was one twist after another with neither side willing to back down . . . until the video suddenly ended before the fight did. Arashi rushed to his parents and demanded to know who the spiky haired man was and to explain the extraordinary feats he had witnessed. This was the week Arashi discovered the existence of Ki and began his training under his mom to bring out his own Ki. Arashi swore to keep training till he reached the absolute limit of his potential and smashed through it. Whether it involved traveling the world, mastering every practical style on earth, fighting any foe he came across, or finally start training his tail it did not matter. Arashi was going to fight this “Son Goku” one day and find out what it truly meant to be a Saiyan!

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