Arrival of Arashi

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Arrival of Arashi

Post by Natsu Fury on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:35 am

Player: Natsu Fury AKA Moshope
Name: Arashi Agbara
Race: Saiyan/Earthling
Age: 14
Appearance: Short and black black hair. He is 6.8 feet tall and has tan skin. Also has black eyes, and a scar on the right side of his head.
Affiliation: N.E.S.F
Goals: Master all forms of martial arts. Reach the peak of Saiyain potential. Travel to other deimensions or univeres. Hunt down Balor and save his friends
Personality: Arashi is a friendly and very playful guy outside of battle and is kind those who he calls a friend or ally. When in battle he becomes a tactical one man blitzkrieg, while having the time of his life. His hobbies are Martial Arts, Graphic Novels,studying and Animated Entertainment.
Z-Soul: "Fists that hold no true purpose, hold no true strentgh"
Stat Sheet:
Arashi was born in Maryland and raised by his African father and Saiyan mother. Before he was born both his parents were professional Kick Boxers. One day they both had a match scheduled in Japan, and naturally they both won. Both their groups of friends went out to celebrate their victories. The two different parties ran into each other at a bar and an argument about which style of Boxing was superior insued. With neither side willing to give in Arashi’s mother Kemono, suggested they settled this with a real fight. Arashi’s dad Markus agreed. They went to a local Boxing Gym and had at it; fortunately for Markus he was one of the few humans on earth at the time who was strong and skilled enough to keep up with a saiyan. Due to the fact they were so evenly matched the fight ended with a double KO. Following that they had a good laugh, exchanged numbers, and hoped to spare again sometime. After meeting up several times one thing lead to another and thus Arashi was born and they both retired from the Pro Circuit so they could open their own Gym in order to give their child all the attention he needed. Since he was a kid he loved the complexity and intensity of hand to hand combat. Being the son of two Pro fighters helped him pursue his interest in the ways of martial arts and reach higher levels of physical fitness. Not to mention the genes and knowledge he inherited from them both. By the time he reached the age of 14 he had mastered almost all aspects of Boxings and Kick Boxing. He had a plan and was ready to follow it. Over most of his childhood Arashi spent his time training with his parents as well as other gym members and enjoying his favorite hobby; being a fiction loving nerd. Though he wasn’t the most popular student, he had high grades,a few friends that were just as weird as him, and a clear goal. To one day master every martial art created by the Human and Saiyan race. With the extremely long lives saiyans live,a strong conviction, his first year of high school going great, and his younger brother turning 5 years old soon; Arashi was confident in his bright future. Unfortunately, everything changed when they attacked. It was just another jog to school jumping from rooftop to rooftop,when he arrived at what should be rowdy but fun Rail Wood High. Instead there was a large building on fire. As he leaped from the roof top Arashi landed in front of the entrance while looking on in horror. Almost as soon as he landed a man in a lab coat walked out of the smoke with two other pale people, each dragging two students. To make matters worse two of the four students were Arashi’s best friends, and that is when Arashi’s rage reached it’s peak. While the man in the lab coat was exiting the school grounds he was speaking into his watch. “This is Balor, potential threats have either been removed or extracted, and I am now in route to-”. He pauses as he notices Arashi’s presence and rising power.The man was bald and had strange red eyes, and for some strange reason no matter how hard Arashi tried he couldn’t sense the man’s ki. It was almost like he wasn’t alive to begin with. With an emotionless face he stared at Arashi for a five seconds before speaking into the watch again. “One moment, I seemed to have missed one of the targets”. The man vanishes in an instant and before Arashi could assume his fighting stance Balor appears right next to him and lands a devastating right hook on Arashi’s temple, thus sending him crashing into a near building. Balor doesn’t waste any time in firing a large Grey Ki blast to finish the job and destroying the base of the building. Which in turn caused it to collapse on top of Arashi. Though it only took seconds for Arashi to break out of the rubble and rush in to continue the fight his efforts were futile. For the first time in Arashi’s life all his intellect and strength were but a minor hindrance to his opponent. After two minutes Arashi stood limp with most of his body banged up.Before Balor could end it Arashi’s mother came out of nowhere and crashed into Balor with a drop kick to the face. Within seconds Markus then showed up, grabbed Arashi and began to flee alongside his mom. Sadly before they could get too far Balor had unleashed blast so powerful the entire city could feel the shock wave. Once Balor couldn’t detect their life signs he and his took men flew off their captives. Although unbeknownst to them once the dust had settled, a single young man could be seen, carrying his severely injured mother and father. It took a while but Arashi made it to the hospital and got the help he needed.
Long story short Arashi’s mom lost one of her hands trying to stop the blast. His father received second degree burns and a few third degree burns. Arashi had some fractured bones and a lot of bruises, but nothing life threatening. As he sat in the hospital watching other victims from Balor’s last attack come in, Arashi evaluated himself. His whole life he had just been focused on his own himself, but he never once considered helping out in the world because even though he held great respect for the heroes he read about, he believed heroics to be a pointless pursuit because of the overwhelming amount of chaos or corruption in the world. It was at this moment Arashi didn’t act on pure logic, but with the passion to fight regardless of the odds.He vowed to not only continue as a martial artist, but to become the warrior who saves his friends and helps ends the chaos.

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