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Post by Django on Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:15 am

Player: Leos/Django
Name: Zen the Hedgehog
Alias: Side of light
Race: Hedgehog
Age: unknown

Appearance: White hedgehog spike that shoot up with inverse red and blue shoes
Affiliation: the other chaos emerald beast (ect Nazo)
Goals: travel the world and be free of the emeralds chains.

Personality: Cocky hedgehog who tries to understand the meaning of multiverse. Caring sibling and cares for the other chaos emerald beast (ect Nazo).
Z-Soul: I am the omega elite the brother of the light twin to the brother of negative.

Bio: During the reasearch on chaos energy eggman had found a little secert within each chaos emerald. that wach one had a soul inside of them, and  one soul took a particular glow in his eyes. A hedgehog with dreams and hopes to be free and to roam the world again. Eggman isolate this beast and gave it form and gave him the named him Zen, but with this process Zen was weaken and badly weaken, but gave him the new ability to get stronger with experience. Eggman created this beast to rival his metal Sonic 2.5, but while working with his choatic light power Eggman later found new result in Zen. He cannot asorb chaos energy like his Brother Nazo he can oly recieve it from the emerald in idle formation like sonic and shadow.


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