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Misc. Future Plotthreads
-PPGs were created as the final result of the research of the School Wars, a secret well cept by the Vets.
-Johnny’s father is actually Mayor, who was once a powerful fighter in his prime.
-After the third arc, the PPGs gain the hotline from the Mayor, and are made official heroes, joining the Hero Rankings at dead last.

Arc Outlines

Introduction Arc (Title pending)
-Series start. PPGs (Teens) each wake up and go through their morning routine. See Utonium
-Similar to PPGD, PPGs are arriving at school.
-Jack is introduced as a tracksuit wearing teacher.
-PPGs meet De()ter/Billy and Mandy at school
-Monster attacks city, PPGs rush off. Nearby pedestrian Johnny Bravo has to save two young children from their demise.
-Mid flight, an argument breaks out between the PPGs (or two of them)
-They arrive late essentially, to Jack suddenly jumping from a building with a sword. He switly cuts the monster in half, displaying his superiorness.
-Jack is about to greet the PPGs, when Johnny greets him. Johnny immediately begs Jack to make him his disciple, to train him.
-Grumbly PPGs return home, where Utonium is meeting with King Morbucks, who brought his daughter.
-The PPGs hang out with Princess.
-Things get heated, personalities clashing. Princess storms off after some argument.
-PPGs go to Utonium, who is stressed about Morbuck attempted dealings. As they are stressed from their internal strife, they sympathize. The family cuddles up together, falling asleep.
-Princess complains to her daddy, who agrees to let her take care of the PPGs while he takes care of Utonium. He calls in a loan from a fellow member of a Villains Alliance.
-Ne()t day, PPGs bring Jack home and introduce him to Utonium. E()cept they already know each other! DON DON DON
-Johnny knocks on the door, having followed Jack there. He tells Jack it's time for their training. Jack reluctantly leaves, despite wanting to speak with Utonium about past things.
-After Jack is long gone, Princess knocks on the door. Utonium answers.
-PPGs come, but Princess grabs Utonium and suddenly flies away.
-PPGs pursue, going into cityscape. They are suddenly hit by a large monster, King Morbucks appearing and declaring it his pet.
-PPGs attacks can't seem to do anything, and they all argue furiously. Hope in defeating them is low.
-A bright savior appears in the form of a famous super hero, Monkey! Taking over the fight, Monkey is able to take on the monster.
-King Morbucks leaves with Utonium, and Princess suddenly armors up to battle the PPGs.
-PPGs Vs Princess, all arguing.
-Morbucks is getting away with Utonium, when he is suddenly confronted by Jack. King Morbucks dons a pair of brass knuckles, and begins a fight with Jack, being legitimately strong.
-PPGs are losing to Princess, and look down and out. Suddenly Johnny appears, tossing debris at Princess, spouting words of gusto.
-Johnny somehow inspires the PPGs, who suddenly over come their differences and fight together.
-PPGs Vs Princess
-Jack Vs King Morbucks
-Monkey Vs Monster
-PPGs defeat Princess
-Jack defeats King Morbucks, hair only getting alittle messed up.
-Monkey defeats Monster with the most ease of the fights
-With Utonium rescued and things cooling down, PPGs are super e()cited to meet Monkey. The meeting is humorously useless however, and Monkey simply ooos and aaaahs.
-PPGs happily embrace the saved Utonium
-King Morbucks is back at his mansion licking his wounds, when he recontacs his Villains Alliance, telling them they have a problem.

Katz arc (Title pending) Incomplete
-At school, Blossom and Dexter are partnered for their first big project. They agree to alternate between the twos homes, agreeing to go to Dexter's after school.
-Arriving at Dexter's house, we meet his mother and father, but his sister is apparently out.
-In Dexter's room, Blossom sees Dexter's pet monkey, finding him familiar. She also sees a book on his shelf, excited to check it out. Dexter's stops her in a panic, and the two begin their project. (we don't see his lab for a bit)
-Jack arrives at the Utonium home, wishing to speak with the Professor. Johnny however, has followed him.
-Jack and Utonium begin their discussion, while Jack is left to talk to the two remaining PPGs.
-After some kind of comedic misunderstanding, Buttercup sends Johnny flying and causes a commotion. Hearing it, Jack and Utonium come to check on them.
-The two arrive to find a jarred Johnny in a pile of the girls teenage delicates. Utonium is prepared to go into psycho Dad mode, when Jack calms him down and suggest Johnny be sent to pick up Blossom.
-Johnny arrives at Dexter's road, but knocks on the home adjacent to Dexter's. Que Mandarks introduction.
-Johnny is relocated to Dexter's house, with Dexter's Mom answering the door. Que shenanigans.
-Bubbles and Buttercup attempt to listen in on Jack and Utonium conversation, when they instead overhear police sirens going off. They race into the city, only to get lost one way or another
-A deal of some sort is completed by Minotaur, who calls his boss to confirm. Katz is introduced.
-On the way home, possibly some form of Johnny - Blossom interacting.
-The 6 have dinner.
-The next day, Dexter wakes up with some form of machine in hand, realizing he must have fallen asleep tinkering in bed. Seeing the time and that he is late, he rushes downstairs.
-Dexter's Mom calls none other then Johnny to pick him up. Johnny rides in on motorcycle to pick the boy up. Hilarity ensues.
-The two ride by a bank robbery, and decide to handle things. Dexter pulls out his invention he had been working on, and begins to formulate a plan.
-Johnny however bursts in the front door, only for his soreness from training to suddenly get in the way. Dexter takes over, getting his first real moment and taking care of things quickly.
-By the time they reach school ,Johnny and Dexter are clearly not getting along.
-With the kids at school, Johnny returns to train with Jack, who rather awkwardly questions the apparent misunderstanding. When Johnny makes it clear he is no pedophile, the training continues.
-After school, Dexter arrives at Utonium household to work on the project. Utonium however alerts the girls of some crime, and they head off to take care of it.
-Dexter is left to fangasm over Utonium's lab, though he does end up questioning how he's never heard of the Professors research. Utonium is quick to change the subject, though Dexter notices this (Dexter is later the first to realize their are some secrets amoung "the Vets" over the coming arcs)
-PPGs take care of crime thanks to Blossoms leadership. Katz is shown watching footage. An associate asks if they should be worried about the girls, so soon to their big break. Katz says they shouldn't be.
-A week or two passes, for the gingers to finish their project and Johnny to further in his current training method (Johnny jump good?). Dexter has also been furthering the weapon he utilized in the bank robbery.

Discord Chat Arc stuff

So following the 3rd arc, the PPGs are visited by a ranked member of the Hero Agency (Being like 500 something, and while just being a paper pusher). I imagine a calm person with a suit, not sure if theirs a cartoon character more appopriate. Reminder, this is the Bounty Hunter arc. The PPGs meanwhile also have to pay a fee to gain their liscense, in addition to needing to proform all Hero acts in the presense of the e()aminer. Utonium admits he is currently broke, in the midst of casually making a high profit invention for more money to blow through. The PPGs consider jobs, but don't have the time. They need money soon. They end up hosting an arm wrestling competition on the street, from which Buttercup. She however is beaten by a eye patched gentleman in a trenchcoat, with a cold steel hand. He leaves without a word, and the PPGs return home. They are quickly called on the hot line, the e()aminer alerting them that they are needed. The PPGs question why he doesn't take care of it if he's already there. He talks rules and such. PPGs arrive, the E()aminer berating them about allowing them to allow the situation to escalate. They take care of it, E()aminer commentating loudly. The Bounty Hunters arrive, and the E()aminer is quickly defeated casually by them. PPGs fight them, can't do much, are saved by Hoss Delgado, and so on with that arc

------------ Following arc, with Hoss still around, has Him using Octi like the episode. To get ahead, the PPGs end up scaling a building to deal with newly Giant Octi. Jack however, realizes the cause of this. He takes Johnny with him to deal with the cause of all this. Johnny questions why they're a dry cleaners. Jack says it's always a dry cleaners. The two enter, and are greeted by Red Guy from Cow and Chicken, who workers there. Jack and Red Guy are familiar with each other, and Jack is annoyed by him. He ultimately tells Red Guy to send them "to Him", and the two are cramped into a washer and sent away. PPGs unable to do much anything to the giant Octi, when Hoss casually chainsaws up to the building, and starts hacking off tentacles, and piercing Octi with bullets. The PPGs then manage to attack together to knock Octi off. Octi however, reveals its swimming esq ability to push itself through the air. It quickly deals major blows to the PPGs, and they crash to the ground. The cut tentacles of Octi suddenly transform into smaller Octi minions as well. The PPGs are able to defeat them one v one with varying degrees of effort, kinda like Saibamen to Saiyan Saga characters. While Hoss can take them out much quicker. the Octis numbers however continue to e()pand. Jack and Johnny confront Him, etc. Him sicks "his attendant" on Johnny, and Red Guy appears. Jack Vs Him (ne()t level shit all over) Johnny Vs Red Guy (who swings his weight around for crazy attack power. Johnny is highly overwhelmed and has to use his head) Hoss, one way or another, "Exorcisizes" the Octi's (probably with a special weapon/weaponry). Sensing this, Him ends his fight with Jack. Jack quickly leaves, and arrives to stop Red Guy from further beating on Johnny. The two leave, and Jack admits he's out of practice. He probably wouldn't have been able to defeat Him currently, he didn't even properly utilize his chi in the fight.(edited)
Johnny and Red Guy one day have another fight
--- Forgot to mention. The E()aminer kind of wants to cover up his utter defeat, so when the PPGs are made heroes they are dead last.

Hero Ranking (In Progress)

1. Major Glory
2. Val Hallen
3. Infraggable Krunk
4. Liberty Gal
5. Capital G
7. Tiki Torch
8. Mange
10. Ben 10
11. Monkey

Maybe the government didn't trust heroes five years ago, so the drastically lower number of heroes at the time mainly spent their time saving people and such on their own. The government then created the NESF as their own covert "super team", to directly take care of important missions and end the war. After the School Wars however, the US was rather shattered, a place of fear from war now faced with powered beings becoming more and more common. So the government created the Hero Agency, to both organize heroes, make sure they operate safely, and use them a symbols to fi() the damages done to the spirit of the country

Well minor add on to that, cities that have Heroes stationed in them, are given a "Heroes Ta()" by the Hero Agency. Through this, damages and hero salaries are dealt with. The people of Townsville later become outraged after a few months of the Heroes Ta() given by the PPGs. We never see the e()act number, but the PPGs become alienated by many. Monkey is a "International Class" Hero, he is not stationed in a city. Official Hero Teams also work differently (like the Justice Friends), but it takes a higher ranking to become official.

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