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Post by MarioBrotherL1UP on Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:39 am

Name: Jensei
Alias: Seikatsu
Race: Human
Age: 19

Appearance: In a way, Jensei slightly resembles Gohan in his teen years during the fight against Majin Buu. However, Jensei is at least 5 inches shorter than Gohan, wears green (the color of life), brown boots, and the symbol on his training uniform is, 人生, the symbol of life. If at any time he needs to engage in battle, he would slip on wristbands and a headband just for the sport.

Bio: The day Jensei was born, there was a horrible blizzard around his parents' home. Because they lived in the mountains, the temperature would decrease and precipitation would increase during the winter. As Jensei, as just a mere baby, was being held in his mother's arms. He was too sensitive to the cold. It was hard for his family to gather fire wood during the snowstorm to help keep them warm. Jensei's heart-rate was slipping more as the temperature kept dropping. As Jensei was about to take his last breathe, he opened his eyes for the first time to see a bright light. At first it could have been a sign that he was dead, but it was actually a ray of sunlight that cut through the blizzard and help raise the temperature in his family's home.  At that miracle, it was as if life was giving him another chance.

By the time Jensei was 12, he began his training to help boost his immune system against the cold. And not only the cold. He trained through any weather that the seasons would throw at him. Heat, hail, rain, wind, etc. He was able to provide more than enough help for his family by the time he was 13. At the age of 14, Jensei was trying to fend off his family's home from a flock of Saber-Tooth tigers that smelled their dinner. While Jensei was able to defend against any attacks that the tigers would throw at him, he could not keep up with their speed. And because of that, his father lost his leg to one of the tigers. While Jensei's dad did not die from the attack, Jensei still blames himself for that incident and he realized that not only need to get stronger, he needed to get faster, too. At the age of 18, his speed increased more than any normal human's would. Making him able to keep up with a cheetah, the fastest animal known on Earth, but that didn't mean he wasn't gonna stop training. He may have been able to counter anything an animal could throw at him, but what if it was something different, like a group of bandits or someone worse. What then? If only there was a sign to let him know on how to prove that. And then it hit him. "Seriously it hit him. A flyer came out of nowhere and hit him right in the face." As he removed the flyer, he saw it was for the World's Martial Arts Tournament. The tournament scheduled date is suppose to take place in 2 years. There was even prize money to the winner of the tournament. This is the perfect opportunity to test his skills. And the prize money could help provide the surgery for his father's leg. So at that moment, he would do nothing but train for that moment. At the age of 19, it was time to set out on his own. The tournament may start in a year from now, but it would be a long walk in order to get there. Plus the journey would help him get stronger along the way. After saying farewells to his family, he took off and began his adventure!

Personality: Like Goku, he is not used to city life like most people, but knows a bit more about it than you would think. He is not one to give up so easily in a fight, even if the odds are against him. He may be strong, but speed is his edge. If anyone is defenseless, in danger, or needs help, Jensei is always willing to give a helping hand. Against a friend or challenger, he is willing to be a good sport and make it a good fight, but against an enemy there is no reason to hold back.

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