Markus Kibo, Earthling with Saiyan Pride

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Markus Kibo, Earthling with Saiyan Pride Empty Markus Kibo, Earthling with Saiyan Pride

Post by Gohan2535 on Tue Jun 23, 2015 2:33 am

Name: Markus Kibo
Alias: Mark
Race: Saiyan/Human
Age: 13

Appearance: He has short Black Hair, and tan skin. He wears a Martial Art Uniform similar to Goku but Black and Red instead of blue and orange. He has black eyes.

Affiliation: U.S Army, Kibo Clan, Good Guy

Personallity: His a good person at heart but dose not enjoy being bossed around to much. His got a bit of a temper his working on controlling. He REALLY enjoys fighting evil and will always be there to back up his friends.

Bio: Markus Kibo was raised in the forest near a city with his saiyan father and human mother. He and his family lived in one of the many temples the Kibo Clan owned. His mother was a member of this clan of Martial arts masters who upheld the duty of protecting the weak and striking down evil. Sure Markus had a bit of a temper and was a bit defiant, but his parents taunt him the importance of fighting for others. He was properly home schooled and was aloud to see the outside world. After becoming 12 he was aloud to travel the world for 1 year with his parents in order to truly grow. After the year past he knew he wanted to protect it with all his might and knowledge. He is skilled in the ways of close combat but is gifted in the ways of Ki manipulation. He tries his best to assess the situation and enemy before doing anything, but with his somewhat rough personality that is hard to do sometimes.

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