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Kami, the Saiyan Empty Kami, the Saiyan

Post by TSNKami on Tue Jun 23, 2015 12:05 am

Gender: Male
Race: Saiyan
Age: 22
Appearance: A tall male with a scar on his chest he only wears a weighted shirt and pants gi. He sometimes wears glasses and doesn't fight too often.
Affiliated with: No one (At the moment)
Goal: To be a helper to the good guys
Personality: Loner
Background (Story): He was the first Saiyan to leave planet vegeta, he swore to get his revenge on the king for the scar on his chest, he has gone crazy in the past because of the memories he is referred to "The Crazed Saiyan"

Stat sheet will be posted soon.


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