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Post by Ryo289 on Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:19 am

Name: Ryo
Alias: Ryo The Blitz Saiyan
Race: Saiyan
Age: 14

Appearance: Has black spiky hair, wears a red shirt, black jeans, red boots (similar to Goku's boots). wears black wristband on both wrist. Wears a chain neck lace around his neck. has black eyes.

Affiliation: Good
Goals: Have a good life, protect his younger sister (also friends), and hopes to see his older sister comes back some day

Personality: Ryo is someone anybody can get along with, is honest on how he feels about himself whether or not its positive or negative, and also honest with other people if they ask for honesty or need it. can be carefree, but when things get serious, his carefree attitude is gone. if it looks like Ryo is winning a fight he can be a little cocky. Likes to train to improve himself, and sparing with his friends, and family. Loves to eat (like most saiyans), and favorite food is French Fries.

Bio: Ryo was born on Earth along with his two sisters, the older one Reina, and the younger one Selvia. When Ryo was young, himself, and his two sisters would train together since it is in their blood. When Ryo was 10, and Selvia was 5, Reina left the planet Earth leaving Ryo to take care of Selvia himself. Ryo, along with his younger sister has no knowledge of their parents, only Reina knows about them, and to what happen to them. While in school, Ryo has two best friends, but they don't know of his saiyan heritage, or matter of fact no one in Ryo's class no of his heritage. But with the School Wars happening his heritage will soon be revealed.

Stat Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19y2RCpgI5btZ8LwNI6jofR8md_9awc9Inedp6OGflPw/edit

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